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Our company specializes in manufacturing and selling road related products andthe construction warning products. We mainly produce Thermoplastic reflective stripings materials, Reflective road marks, Reflective leading marks,Solar marks and Construction warning equipment. In addition to the traffic products, our company also invo es in the technology of solar related skills to provide a serialpower products with no pollution for the world.

Our traffic products occupy over 45% shares of the Taiwan market, and now, we are striving to promote our products to overseas including Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and other countries in the Southeast Asia area. Also, we have started doing business in China ,Vietnam ,Myanmar,Cambodia and India since 1997.

With the ideology of pursuing sincere, actuality and perfection, we create asafe and comfortable environment for drivers. Hence, we have strictrequirements on the quality of our products and we take the responsibility of social development.

  • No.6,Zihciang3rd Road,Nantou City,Taiwan
  • 54065
  • 886-49-2252580
  • 886-49-2252585
  • Wendy Lin (Sales)
  • 886-49-2252580

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